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Ajax Seadragon

Ajax Seadragon is a cool and powerful viewing library that was made by Microsoft Live Labs and implemented in JavaScript so you don’t need a Silverlight plug in or a Flash player installed on your machine to view it, using this Ajax Seadragon technology you can simply zoom-in and zoom-out an image also you can make a photo gallery and show selected photo inside the Ajax Seadragon viewing library.



You can download the Ajax Seadragon control that is part of the AJAX Control Toolkit library here:


How to use it?

You can use the Ajax Seadragon in two different ways.



You can go to seadragon website and enter the URL of the image and then embed it to your website or blog.



Using the Deep Zoom Composer that you can download here:

You export the image as output type Seadragon Ajax and then add reference the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file
From the Ajax Control Toolkit library that you can download here:

and finally copy the dzc_output_files folder and dzc_output.xml file from the Deep Zoom Composer exported folder to your website and then add this code to your page:

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" />
<asp:Seadragon ID="Seadragon1" runat="server" Width="600" Height="500" SourceUrl="dzc_output.xml">

More information about Ajax Seadragon you can find here:

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